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July . . . is a time of slow beginnings on this mountain farm.  The grass is taking its time as heat and humidity hang low.  The sour cherries were here early, June, and then dropped fast in the two weeks of rain.  Fortunately, the first hay was all in before the rain came and the currants arrived as the ground began to dry. 
This is a time of measured activity; spreading mulch in the fields waiting to be planted, pruning and hanging herbs to dry for winter teas, linen closets and medicinal concoctions and waiting . . .  for the zinnias to bloom and the butterflies to come and at 1500 ft. the tomatoes take their time to ripen.  Meanwhile, we observe the animals, making sure they have the shade they need as they eat us out of grass as fast as we can move them to new pastures; steers, sheep, and chickens each following after the others as they eat their favorite morsels and the leave the rest. 
The biggest news is the increase of our indigenous population, two new frogs, and big ones, have joined the lone ONE in the springhouse retaining pool.  It's only taken 20 years of organic practices, though we have had many toads. 
Something for us humans, the first peaches and watermelons have arrived to add their special fragrance and juice to a dry mouth.  Some of us only eat peaches when they're ripe locally; it's a time to celebrate.  By the way, did you know that Borage leaves, fresh picked, make a tea which is especially calming?  It's the plant with the star-like blue flowers.  It self-seeds and comes up every year if you once plant it. 
So, remember, a mulched garden is a moist garden in the hottest weather; and the weeds, therein, are easier to pull.  Also, protect the milkweed and the Mullein plants, beside being volunteers in the garden, they are favored by the bees.  Bees irreplaceable as the pollinators of the natural world, so there! 
In closing, a word about rain water.  Be on the watch for it!  If this life supporting source is not made to contribute to the growing plants, it will "run off" like an unruly child, so give it direction . . . a path it can't resist in a direction of choosing.


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