Snowflake Hat Pattern          

This hat is a great weekend project.  It is worked from the top to the brim.  You can add one of the designs or knit it plain,  and there will be two ways to finish it.  Make your own changes to the design if you wish and have fun.

Yarn:  Approximately 100g. of main color and scrap yarn for your design

Gauge: 6sts to the inch.  A hat of 120 sts should measure 20 to 201/2 inches around.

Needles: #7 or #8 (4.5 or 5.0mm) double pointed needles or needles that give the correct gauge.  The needles should be 7-10 inches long.  it would be best if you have a 5th double pointed needle of the correct size- it makes for easier knitting of the crown.  After 80 stitches you may use a 16 inch circular needle to complete your project.

Sizes: Average ( Large, X-large); 120 sts (128sts, 136sts).  If you are working in 2-ply worsted or homespun you might want to use 112 sts. for average size.


Crown: You begin knitting this hat at the center of the crown and it is divided into a medallion of 8 segments.

Cast on 8sts and arrange over three needles (3-2-3), connect in circle being careful not to twist; knit one round. Round 2: increase into every stitch (16sts of 6-4-6) on needles. Round 3: And all odd numbered rounds-knit Round 4: Increase into 1st , K1, increase into the next st, repeat from * around (24 sts) Round 6: Increase into 1st, *k2, increase into next st. repeat from* around (32 sts) Round 8: Increase into 1st, *k3, increase into next st, repeat from* around (40sts) Round 10: Increase into 1st, *k4, increase into next st, repeat from * around (48sts)

If you have a 5th double pointed needle, arrange stitches onto 4 needles, 12 stitches on each needle ( each needle starting with an increase stitch).  Knit with your extra 5th needle.   Continue increasing until there are the desired number of stitches for your hat - 120sts ( 128sts, 136sts).  After 80 stitches either use longer dbl. pointed needles or circular needles.  When the increases are finished knit, 2 more rounds.

Ridge: Knit the next round with the contrasting design color.  Knit 5 rounds of the main color. Round 7:* Insert into the head of the purl loop five rows down, this is a main color purl loop between the two lines of purl loops formed by The knitted contrasting color round.   Knit this purl loop together with the knit stitch.  Continue around from*.   These five rounds of main color will now become a ridge around the top of the band.

Design Band Choose the snow flake below.  The design is shown in tow colors using the "x"  for the contrasting color.  this does not mean that you can't use 3 or 4 colors just think it all out before you start.  Catch traveling yarns every 3 to 4 sts.

Brim:  Given below are three way to finish the brim: one rolled brim- neat quick and easy; one that is folded over and sewn in place ant the other  - a hemmed brim  with a picot edge. 

Rolled over Brim: After the design band is finished, knit 1 round in main color , purl one round, and then knit for about 3 1/2 inches.  Bind off loosely an let it roll.

Folded over Brim: After the design band is finished knit for about 4inches depending on the width of the brim you want and then bind off loosely leaving about 24 inches tail to use for hemming.  Fold in half and on underside slip Stitch in place ( stitch by stitch) to the first row after the design.

Picot Edge Brim:  After band pattern is finished , knit to the main color for  11/2 to 3 inches.  Picot turn- around: YO, K2tog, repeat from * around.  Continue knitting until one or two rounds short of the brim width.  When finished do not bind off.  Instead, run a 24 inch length of the contrasting yarn through all the stitches, break off about a 24 inch tail of your main color for hemming.  Fold at the picot design and slip-stitch in place on underside as above.

Finishing:  Weave in all loose ends on the inside of the hat, evening up tensions spots.  Steam press or block.   For the head shape you may use a roll of paper towels  and cover it with a damp towel.


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