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Sheepskins            Small Sheep




Care Instructions:
You have received something as natural as the earth.  This sheepskin has soft fur short enough you won't get lost in it, but log enough to give you the tactile stimulation your perfect body seeks.
If your little growing system expels any bodily fluids herein, tell Mom that some club soda and absorbent toweling will do a thorough job of cleaning.  She can also shake and vacuum often to keep the sheepskin nice and fresh for you.
Under rare circumstances it might be necessary to wash your sheepskin.  Let Mom wash your sheepskin with only Eucalan (available through Mary's Delight Farm, yarn stores, and over the internet).  Soak your sheepskin in Eucalan for about 30 minutes.  there is no need to rinse, just spin out the excess water.  You can dry your sheepskin in the dryer with tennis balls added to the dryer.
Play happily,
Mary's Delight Farm


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