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Ordinary Life
is chickadees flitting by the blue backdrop of sky
like ribbons fluttering in the wind.
If we see, if we hear.
The fence building is taking a rushed air as more animals will want a turn out of doors as the forage greens up.
We look to create more perimeter fencing within which to provide safe grazing for new moms and lambs.
The goal is to impede stray lambs as well as straying cars.


News of the Farm

Spring thru Fall 2012

We managed to get hay in early this spring so when rain came for a prolonged visit we worked elsewhere.  The herb garden was late activated this season.  With many shower interruptions, the ground was planted by the end of June.  Now early in August, the zinnias, sunflowers, and calendulas are blooming and so are basil, tomatoes, dill, and Sweet Annie.  The first round of lemon verbena cuttings are drying and we begin the slow parade into fall.

Besides the repeats of thunderstorms and showers, there is a festival of bugs, all kinds and sizes, to celebrate the hottest days.  The free range chickens particularly enjoy the crickets.  To celebrate their freedom they feast, beak down, all morsels as they pass, their eggs a bonus to the universe.  From now through early October, the flowers will add spots of color throughout the house and outside, food for bees and butterflies.

Rich and helper have finished most of the fencing and two wells provide ample water to the steers and sheep.  "Mary" continues to monitor incoming and outgoing sweaters and preparations for the November "Open House" and the Richmond, Virginia show.  If you are following the suggestions for water/rain control programs mentioned in last year's News of the Farm, all these rains have supported good health in your fields and little or no run off into creeks.

May the culmination of the season of 2012 bring you to a time of preparation, for a time of Darkness, and the Joy of new Life.




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